About Me


I just want to take a moment and introduce myself to you.  I see the world through the perspective or lens of a 52-year-old African-American woman.  I hold a doctorate and master’s in Theology and I have an undergraduate degree in Theatre.  I have been married twice.  I am a Domestic Violence Survivor.  I survived the betrayal of a my second marriage to a man who knew all along that he wanted to be a woman ( he is now).  I said, goodbye to my mother in 2012 and my father in 2015; this caused a great shift in my life.  I am the big sister of two brothers.  I have been pregnant 5 times and I have no children.  I have traveled the country as an Actor as well as traveled the East Coast as a Makeup Artist.  Most recently I have joined the “Losers Bench,” which means I had Bariatric Surgery for weight loss.

I love life and have some insight in to how to endure the trails that come with living life.  I love to love, make love, and be loved.  I subscribe to the motto that know one will ever be able to blackmail me because I am not afraid to share my “ugly.”  In the year to come tomorrow, 2018, I have made a promise to myself to be fearless and Live Out Loud.  This is the Why to this blog and the What to its content.

I invite you all to journey with me this year and be transformed, as I know I will be by Living Out Loud.



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