50+ Falling in Love

I was thinking that being in a loving and committed relationship might be a different from when I was in my 20’s or 30’s. In what way? I think that at this point in my life or their life that Love might be more realistic. At this point in our life we would have both survived many things, experienced ups and downs, and most importantly we would have both had to say goodbye to people we loved and that loved us. I imagine that in this place of wisdom that we have learned to compromise and not be self-absorbed and not to sweat the small stuff. I hope that at this point, that we have learned the value of having a healthy relationship, thus valuing it at all cost and above all, protecting is fragility and admiring its strength.

I was musing this morning about what Love/Loving/or being Loved might look like in my fifties. Do you think that is a weird thought? Well, anyway…

What do you think that Loving, being Loved, Love might look like for you in your middle years?

I have a vivid imagination and hope that when this Love comes into my life, that it might look like my musings. I will let you know when I find him or he finds me. I am looking forward to that 50+ kinda Love.


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