All I Seem To Do Is Hurt Me!

Have you ever wondered why you make some of the choices you do?  I do, particularly when it comes to relationships (all kinds).  So let me just leave this right here, I am a Christian and many of us go with the motto that it is the devil ——NOT! Many times we are suffering the consequences of our decisions.  We hurt ourselves.

I am in this Situationship right now, that logically I know it is not good for me.  It does not add to me or make me feel safe or even loved but I am there.  I was cleaning my kitchen and I began to have a conversation with myself.  Self I said, “Why are you tolerating less than you deserve?  Don’t you know that you are enough?  Am I the only one that does this? You know, talk to yourself about yourself.  lol

This I know.  Old tapes, the bad things that have injured us, still play in our minds.  Whether these tapes play on our daily playlist or they are faintly heard off in the distance, barley recognizable; they play.They remind us that we still have healing to do, work to do.  There is my answer.  I still have broken places that need to be healed or as the church might say, that I need to be delivered from.

While I was cleaning and talking to me, I started singing the lyrics to this song called Deliver Me.

Lord!!!  Deliver Me, Cause All I seem to do is hurt…Hurt Me

By the time I sang this two times, I was in tears.  I need God to touch the broken places in my life in order for me to stop hurting myself.  I need an Exodus. If you are hurting yourself with choices that you make in your life that are born our of your broken places, I invite you to speak it out loud even if you are the only one who hears it.

I know God hears me.  I know God hears you. I pray that you have what is for your highest good.  Amen

FYI…I strongly believe in professional counseling, it can save your life and give us a safe place to heal the whole in our souls.

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