He Hit Me the First Time When I was 16

I take Domestic Violence Awareness Month seriously.  My blog is called Living Out Loud, and I am challenging myself to do just that.  I am a survivor of Domestic Violence that began when I was close to 16 with my boyfriend who would later become my husband.  The abuse does not begin right away.  It develops over time with passive-aggressive assault on your self-esteem, accompanied by other kinds of abuse, and many oftentimes cumulating in physical abuse.

Those of us who are survivors of Domestic Violence are often asked with callus and judgment, “Why did you stay or Why did you allow it?”  The answer to someone who has not found themselves in that position seems “crazy.”  The truth is the victimizer is brilliant at priming their victim.

I have shared a brief video inviting you (survivor, victim, abuser) to share your story in writing or you may attach a video to Living Out Loud.  There is healing in our stories.  If you decide to attach a video, you do not have to show your face.  Feel free to record or once again write.  You may also ask questions as we share our stories.  I only ask that we show kindness, compassion, love, and seek to understand Domestic Violence and not judge.

Thank you,


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