The Waiting Room

Waiting is hard. That is the understatement of a lifetime. I have been working on a book currently titled, “The Waiting Room.” Unlike most Christian books I have read on waiting, I have chosen to address waiting from the perspective on being in The Waiting Room.  I would like to share a brief excerpt with you.

I am a theological trained, I am a licensed Baptist preacher, and I am a Christian. Yet, I have been “waiting.”  While waiting I have read a number of books and listened to a mountain of sermons, but they left us wanting. I mean I understood the scriptures that were quoted, as I am sure many of you do, but… I guess I had already used them up (I could not think of a better way to get my point across). I have started to believe that something is wrong with me.  That something is lacking in my relationship with God; maybe faith. It occurred to me that perhaps my research was penned by folk who were pontificating on the disposition of the posture of “waiting” or they have been out of “The Waiting Room” for so long that they may have forgotten the overwhelming extent of the pain, sorrow, fear, confusion, isolation, and embarrassment that accompanies you as you seat in this place.   

I think that I have been struggling with writing “The Waiting Room” because I am sitting in it right now.  I believe that God is moving me to write while I am sitting in what appears to be a dimly lit room that is in dire need of remodeling.  When I first took my seat others were here with me. It seems I have watched everyone get up and leave. I have read every magazine and flipped through a few of them, more than once.  I have been to the proverbial desk (that for me is on my knees pleading with God for release) but have been told I will be called when it is time; Have a seat, please. If truth be told, I have approached the desk in the waiting room and my spiritual eye saw no one sitting there-NO ONE! 

It is through the pain of waiting, the confusion of the wait, the crisis of faith, the choice to have faith, a press to praise and the need to worship, that I pen with authenticity, The Waiting Room.  

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