Do You Want to Get Married, Again?

Him: You are a wonderful lady; I am surprised you are single.

Me: Well…

Him: I know you have been married twice, but do you want to get married again?

Guess What? I recently met a man who has surprised me. By surprise, I mean that I am intrigued (that has not happened in years, YEARS) I enjoy our many phone conversation throughout the day and I enjoy the honesty, at least it appears honest, thus far. I am enjoying building a friendship, which parenthetically I believe is the foundation of a healthy relationship.

Well, during one of our evening conversation he asked me if I wanted to get married again. Now, those of us who have been divorced all know that the answer to that question is preceded with a chuckle of some sort and a noncommittal or a quick No followed with a safe explanation. This time I gave the answer some thought, I paused. I contemplated how honest I really wanted to be and what it might cost me to be transparent. Then, I exhaled and allowed ME to answer the question.

The Answer:

“I have been proposed to four times and married twice. I have gleefully worn a ring on my finger and excitedly planned for the nuptials. I have had the privilege of having my Daddy give me away. I committed to partner with two different men in each marriage. I loved them both.

You ask If I want to get married again? I honestly just want to know what it is like to be LOVED. I have been married, twice, but not loved once. What is that like, I have wondered? I have experienced a love that hit and I love that never really wanted me but rather wanted to be a woman and keep the secret concealed by having a wife (He kept that from me of course). We mistakenly make Love and Marriage synonymous with one another, they are not; those two things can function separately from the other and they frequently do.

I am sorry for such an extended answer, I chuckled, but the long of the short of it is, I just want to be loved; perhaps marriage might follow, it certainly is not required. If LOVE comes and I decide to marry again my Daddy will not be there to give me away but when I walk toward that man I am going to be sure that his little girl is well loved.”


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